Mineralbars handmade manufactured in Berlin


Ninety-five percent of the food we work with is organic. The outer coating of our raw bars are covered with 60% vegan chocolate. Naturally, we are obliged to heat this at temperatures of up to forty degrees: no preservatives and no additives. Our bars are carefully manufactured by hand. Our production facility is located in the heart of Berlin Mitte. The bar is well-packed in natural wax paper. Our product fresh with a guaranteed shelf-life of up to three weeks without quality loss.

Why minerals?

Our bodies are challenged not only by physical exertion, work, sport and everyday demands, but it is also our eating habits that produce acidity within our bodies. Alkalizing powders combine a multiplicity of minerals which aid the body in its efforts to relieve itself and thus prevent tiredness, circulatory problems, stomach and intestinal problems, iron deficiencies and muscle muscular pains. High levels of OPC in grapeseed flour help protect our constitution from damaging free radicals. Antioxidant and high fibre content in OPC boosts the effects of vitamins A and C, while at the same time supporting the body’s own wide-ranging anti-inflammatory processes. When supplemented with minerals the body is ideally prepared to absorb the nutrients of all other substances. Following this rapid resupply of essential nutrients, we are then in a condition to once again concentrate and go about our tasks with vitality.

Chia & Fruit 35 g

figs, almonds, cranberries, pecans, chia seeds, grapeseed flour, base powder (potassium citrate, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, magnesium carbonate, silica, natural citrus flavor, zinc citrate, vitamin D3) lemon zest, orange zest, lime juice, agave nectar, cocoa powder, coated with 60% chocolate.
May contain occasional nut shells and fruit pit.

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Containing minerals and superfoods, fruits and nuts, 100% vegan and 100% gluten-free, 100% lactose-free, rich in minerals, our bars also contain exclusively fruit-derived natural sugar.

Experience shows that there exists an intimate relationship between our sense of psychic equilibrium and our sense of physical well-being. We believe those of our actions inspired by a sense of devotion, integrity and care tend to be reciprocated – one reason why we feel sure that you will be more than convinced by our bars. Our bars supply you with minerals combined with high-grade ingredients in a simple form. As supplement to a sport-intense lifestyle or simply as in-between snack, Paulie’s Bar provides a healthy alternative for the overworked body. We deliver to whoever wherever – to sport groups, cafés, events or private persons.

Our staff members pursue a healthy and sport-intense lifestyle. As athletic and active individuals we never use supplements as are commonly found on the sport market. We conduct our own tests and seek for what we feel is good for us, and what supplies the necessary power and energy to perform well – whether during training or in our everyday lives. Experience and taste the difference yourselves.

We began by supplying friends and sport groups with mineral bars, and thus gradually perfected our recipe which not only contains everything the body needs, but which also tastes delicious. Everyone who tried bar loved it, and it was not long before Paulie ́s Bar made its first appearance!


Our aim is to combine the complex uniqueness of good things in a simple form. Our approach turns on attention to detail, a conscious approach to food and one’s own body. An affirmative and supporting sense of life is the expression of an active mind and an active body. We are currently focusing on one product; chia & fruit is planned and will soon be available along with a series of other new products.


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Our marketing objective is to introduce our bars to your business and to your favourite cafés or supermarkets within Berlin. Until then, we also deliver to you at home! Write to us with an address to which we should deliver your order of bars. Our delivery minimum is three bars. The price for each bar is 2,70€ plus delivery costs. Special prices may be negotiated for large orders. We supply worldwide. For further details, please consult our terms and conditions or contact us.

You can also order a display for your Cafe with 12 Bars inside.

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